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Educating Gifted & Bright Students

Madrona School exists for the education of gifted and bright students. We celebrate the unique qualities of these young people and prepare them for the world we share.

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  • Low student-to-educator ratio

  • Mixed aged groups

  • Academically advanced program

  • Nature-Based Learning
  • Bright, Gifted, & Twice Exceptional Learners
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • School Counsellor


Before applying to Madrona school, we encourage families to book a school tour and learn about what we offer. If you think Madrona is the school for your gifted child, find out about the admissions process. 

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Schedule a School Tour


"Madrona is a unique school with a strong sense of community. The staff creates an atmosphere where the gifted/exceptional learner can excel in areas of strength and provide support in areas that need development. I have seen my son become a confident learner and develop strong friendships in the short time he has attended Madrona. It is an incredible community to be a part of."

Parent of Grade 5 Student



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