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Tuition Fees & Financial Aid

We accept students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 both domestic and international. Tuition payments are made through our pre-authorized debit system. Madrona requires a deposit from enrolling and re-enrolling families. The deposit is non-refundable and covers tuition for the months of May and June. The payment schedule for tuition fees for the 2024-2025 academic year is as follows: Tuition Fees

A 10% discount is available for siblings of Madrona students. Please contact our Admissions team for more information.


Madrona offers financial assistance to families who apply through our Financial Aid Policy. Parents or guardians are required to undertake an external assessment for eligibility to apply for Financial Aid. This third-party assessor sends results directly to Madrona's Head of School. The Financial Aid Committee at the school will determine the recipients of financial aid.

For more information on financial assistance and how to apply, please visit our Financial Aid Policy.

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