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At Madrona, we know gifted and bright children. Our students have an intense curiosity, deep need for knowledge, passion projects, the desire to both understand and be understood, in-depth and breadth of emotions, quirks of asynchronous development, and often a remarkable sense of humour! Our staff love to teach, learn and laugh alongside the students while guiding them to reach their full potential.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Our school exists for the education of gifted and bright students. We celebrate the unique qualities of these young people and prepare them for the world we share.

Our Vision

To be a leading independent school that offers personalized learning in a nurturing and joyful environment



Our Values

Our values guide the actions of our students, our staff, and our families. We hold ourselves and each other to these values and represent them in the world we share:

  • Kindness

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Courage

  • Curiosity

  • Service


Madrona is a small, nimble, and nurturing school. We offer an academically challenging program for gifted and bright students in primary and intermediate years.

At Madrona, we know that each student's gifts are different, and while students are advanced in some areas they may need support in others. Our expertise is in educating gifted students in a non-traditional way.

Low Student-to-Educator Ratio

We embrace a low student-to-educator ratio and a focus on well-designed, inquiry and project-based learning.

Nature-Based Learning

We see the future of our school as moving beyond physical classrooms, into the forest, onto the beach, and into the local community.  We believe that students benefit from opportunities to learn outdoors. As such, teachers design inquiry-based, co-curricular units that include our neighbourhood and the Vancouver community, including both urban and natural settings around us.

Multi-Aged Groupings

Our curricular offerings are intentionally planned to address asynchronous pathways of gifted and bright students. We use multi-age student groups for learning, based on ability rather than chronological age. For our students, this creates meaningful social connections with others with like minds and abilities.

Executive Functioning Skills

Through our innovative teaching and learning approach, students develop the core competencies required to become positive contributors and changemakers in the community. These competencies include thinking and problem-solving, entrepreneurship, adaptability, collaboration, communication, analyzing information, curiosity, and imagination. Our strong focus on social emotional learning is embedded in everything we do.

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