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Who Should Apply?

Madrona specializes in the education of gifted and bright students. Is your child gifted? Often a psychological assessment will provide families with this information, however, this is not a requirement for enrollment at Madrona. Alternatively, use the list below as a guide to identify gifted traits in your child.

Gifted Traits

Do you recognize some of these elements in your child? If so, your child might be a great fit for Madrona School.


Interest in problem-solving and applying concepts

Intellectual curiosity

Diversity of interests and abilities

Power of critical thinking, skepticism, self-criticism

Voracious and early reader



Creativeness and inventiveness

Keen sense of humour

Independence in attitude and social behaviour

Self-acceptance and unconcern for social norms

Aesthetic and moral commitment to self-selected work


Unusual emotional depth and intensity

High expectations of self and others, often leading to feelings of frustration

Easily wounded, need for emotional support

Need for consistency between abstract values and personal actions


Intensely focused on passions—resists changing activities when engrossed in own interests

Constantly questions

Insatiable curiosity

High levels of frustration -particularly when having difficulty meeting standards of performance

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