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Our Madrona Community

Updated: May 13

This marks the debut of "Camp's Corner," where I will be connecting with the Madrona community to share some thoughts regarding our community and school. Today, I'd like to start things off by discussing enrollment.

Madrona is a wonderful place to learn and grow, thanks to our caring faculty and staff, along with amazing support from families like yours. As we look toward the fall, we are eager to welcome new families into our community.

As you know, it is a combination of tuition fees and fundraising that allows us to deliver Madrona’s outstanding academic and extracurricular programs for your children. Knowing that other students and families would benefit from the positive experiences your child has had, we are asking for your help in sharing our school's story with your friends, neighbors, and community members. For that matter, please feel welcome to write a short review on Google or spread the news on your social media platforms. Every bit of marketing makes a difference!

Thank you for your help to ensure that more families can discover the enriching environment we've created at Madrona. We are a great school and even better when enrollment is strong, so your support in reaching out to others and encouraging them to come for a campus visit is invaluable.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you would like more information regarding how best to share information about the school, please know that the red carpet is always rolled out for a chat at drop off, an email during the day, or a conversation on the phone.

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